How do i get my dog to stop humping other dogs?


My dog humps other dogs and i can't get him to stop. Help! He is a 7 year old fixed standard poodle. He is just the sweetest dog in every other way. He used to play at the dog park, but about 3 years ago he discovered humping was more fun and that is all he wants to do now. I can't take him to dog parks or let him play w other dogs b/c it inevitably annoys the other dogs and fights break out. I have tried everything, even pull him off with a jerk but he just doesn't stop. It seems as though the other dogs sense he is going to do it while he is simply sniffing because the other dogs get angry just from that, before he even begins to hop on. I just don't know what to do! Can you tell me how i can stop him from automatically thinking other dogs are for one thing-humping? Thank you.

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Well, what you are describing is a normal behavior of normal mature male. Although humping is considered as a sexual activity, most of the time it's actually an act of showing leadership and dominance over territory. In some cases retraining the dog may do the trick, but in some other times it's just too late.

My suggestion that you consult your vet about giving your dog Prozac, know for its humping reduction capabilities.  

Although the other respondant (xemo) is right about why dogs hump (it is a natural thing and a show of dominance), I would not encourage prozac unless it is absolutely necessary.  (I dont belive in over-medicating dogs).

Just carry a spray bottle with water with you to the park.  When your dog starts to hump another dog, just spray your dog with a little water.  He will be suprised and annoyed and stop humping.  When he goes back to do it again, spray him again.  This way he associates humping with being sprayed and he wont do it.  The second he stops humping (after being sprayed), say "good stop" and give him a treat.   That will make him learn it even faster. 

You also have to think about why he is humping in the first place.  Did something happen (an attack by another dog) that makes him want to prove he is the boss of other dogs? Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your helpful answer! I will definately consider that if i can't figure out a way to stop him without drugs.

Thank you so much for that advice,  i am going to give the water bottle a try on our next walk. You asked what the reason might be that he started doing that, and i think it is a combination of two things, first, you are right, he was always getting attacked by other dogs at the dog park. He was so friendly and playful and never would hurt a fly but for some reason quite a few other dogs didn't like him. The owners would always say that their dogs didn't like poodles. So now he is always on the defense i guess, but even with smaller dogs too, so it doesn't even matter if the dog if friendly or not, as soon as he smells them a little he moves toward the position. Also another reason may be that he got in the habit of always trying to hump my daughter's friends no matter what i did to try to stop the behavior. So I think he just got into a habit for both of those reasons. But i am going to try the water bottle and i can't wait to see if it works! Thank you!

good luck! glad I could help!

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Hello, thank you for your answer. He has been neutered since he was a puppy.

interesting question..i have 2 small female chihuahuas who were fixed within their first year. however, they both like to hump things, mostly their fish toys. i found that giving encouragement (good girl) and a small treat (so as not to spoil their appetite for later) within the first few seconds before the humping begins, that they get excited for the treat and forget what they were about to do. it seems simple enough and it works for my dogs so maybe it could work with your dog (i think its sort of like behavioral psychology, like Pavlov and his dog experiment)

What comes around goes around.

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