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How much does electric dog fence cost per foot?

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Fencing that is placed above the ground (chain link or wooden fencing) is another alternative. Fencing can be rather ugly, and it is easy for a dog to dig beneath above ground fencing. If you are looking for a pristine yard, above ground fencing may not work for you. Chicken wire is the cheapest, $15 for a 25 foot roll. Attractive vinyl fencing is easy to install and lasts a long time, but it usually runs $90 for an eight-foot section. Chain link fencing is relatively attractive, but it is also horribly expensive. Without counting posts and gates, the fencing alone ranges from $200 to $800 per 50 foot roll. Wood fencing requires yearly wood treatments. The fencing is generally expensive. With posts and installation, it often costs upwards of $15 per foot. While wood fence systems can be attractive, they are also very pricey.

Underground fencing is installed underground or just on ground level. The wire is attached to an electric transmitter that sends radio waves through the copper wire that has been installed in your yard. If your pet goes near the boundary line, a gentle shock is given via a special collar. The problem with this fencing is that if your pet crosses the boundary, he or she will not want to receive the shock that comes when returning home, so the pet is likely to remain off your property until you remove the collar. This type of fencing ranges from $150 to $300 depending on your acreage.

Wireless fencing is the newer system. Instead of having to bury lines in your yard, you plug the radio transmitter into an outlet in or outside of your home. The transmitter travels through the air for a specified distance. (The distance depends on the size of the unit purchased.) Meanwhile, your pet wears a collar that contains a receiver. As long as the receiver remains within the range of the transmitter, the collar remains off. If your pet strays too far, a mild shock is emitted until the pet returns into the safe zone. Typically, these units cost $250 to $300. The biggest downfall to this system is that the transmitter sends a level signal. If your unit is in one area and part of your land drops down a hill, that area becomes a dead zone. This unit is best for flat yards.


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It depends on the type of fences you want to buy and the size you want to build. mostly it cost $10 and up.


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