How do you know if someone doesn't love you anymore?

How do you know if someone doesn't love you anymore?I just want a sincere answer because I'm a little bit confused here.

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That's a very delicate question with plenty of space to go wrong..... One has to be very carefull.  There is not a clear answer / signal / sign.... it's more a combination of many tiny signs / signals / behavior..... or tiny minute changes in the body language (sometimes hard to detect).  So my bast advice is: Go after your heart and intuition.  Pay attention to his behavior and body language.  Listen carefully to what he says and how he says it (and be alerted to changes..... tiny as they can be).  Here is a short list: Wants 2b less time with you, less warm towards you, prefers to be alone or with friends on being with you, concentartes more on his works / hobbies, private jorneys without you, less intimacy, less kisses cuddlings, less open talks, looks less into your eyes, using words that are not warm and friendly as they used to be, going out less, less laughter, more "moods", starting to hide things from you (if it was not in the past)...... and many many more !.......  One has to be a good sensetive detctive to "get" it on time......
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I think once you suspect it, it's probably true.


Do you FEEL unloved and wat is he doing or saying that makes u feel that way? Actions is important here..has he changed the way he is towards you,talks to you,touches you? Is he spending less n less time with you or making excuses as to why he cant be with you.? Answer that and you would answer your own question.. Btw dont trust your FEELING when you in pms..cant be trusted goodluck

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     This is simple.  Ask yourself and try to recall the time when you felt he loved you and cared about you.  What did he do to show you he cared?

     If he is no longer doing the usual things,  then probably he does not feel the same way anymore.

     Nobody should force themselves if the other person does not want to continue the relationship any longer.

Be honest and be true to yourself.

I think there are many clues...the first one is how they treat you. Is it different than they used to? What level of respect do they have for you? Are they distant, or do they avoid you in intimate situations? Have they stopped telling you so?  Sadly, we all like to think these REAL clues mean something else. While we all have our bad days and may just want some space, if this type of behaviour persists, you know something is wrong.  People who decide they aren't in love anymore can sometimes be downright mean. For your sake, I certainly hope you are not in a marriage.  If someone REALLY loved you at one point, they should be big enough to relay their feelings, and there should never be any unkind actions, because that was never love to begin with...

I think if someone doesn't love you anymore they stop paying attention to you. They dont' seem to care about your needs.  Maybe you need to tell them you still love them and see what they say.  Everyone needs love, but you are right to question if someone loves you.  It's a hard call to make, but I know feeling unloved is horrible. I'd rather be single.

good luck.

Thanks for all your answers!

As of this moment, we already clear things up. And I think that we only had a miscommunication. Things are much better now. 

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Glad for you gal.. Misunderstandings are the results of miscomunication.. And comunication in ANY relationship is your life line.. Take care now

TLC is not a limited edition

no more eye contact

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