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Why doesn't anyone mention the fact that gun ...

Why doesn't anyone mention the fact that gun contols are unconstitional & an infringement on our rights. Gun controls don't work, are unAmerican, & unpatriotic.

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Who says they don't work? Japan has almost no gun violence or deaths. Do you think that's because of their strict gun control or because they eat a lot of sushi?

That common sense will never replace an education. Trust me.


"Gun Control laws" by definition, only effects law-abiding people. Good citizens obey all the laws, not just the ones to which they agree. In other words, gun control laws only disarm the victims, not the perps. What the anonymous answer fails to mention is that Japan is a homogeneous society with virtually NO serious crime of any sort. When they had that tsunamai last year causing total chaos, did anyone notice that there was ZERO looting or rioting, only citizens trying to help others. See what would happen in Philly, Detroit or New Orleans! He's comparing apples to oranges. The fact is if good citizens are armed, it keeps bad people from doin bad things.

Carpe Diem!

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