does vitamin b12 thin blood?

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Answered: Vitamin B12 for Brain Cell Regeneration?

B-12 Is wonderful for not only the Brain,, but all of the system.. S G 5/10/11

Answered: I was told by my Doctor to start taking vitamin ...

Yankees fan PLEASE ask your physician about vitamin B 12! There must be a reason (perhaps a low red cell count -- anemia) and there are to many associated disorders for me to give you an in depth answer. Yes, there are medications that should NOT be taken at the same time or have relative ...

Answered: I have cronic atrofic gastritis, is sublingual b12 an good option for

Ester Garza You asked this question two years ago? I just saw it under another question that I answered. Chronic Atrophic Gastritis is considered within the spectrum of Autoimmune Diseases. The resulting vitamin B 12 deficiency and associated pernicious anemia are caused by the inability of the ...

Answered: 2 forms of vitamin B12 One form is useless junk. What are the 2 forms

Joanna Angela Vitamin B 12 actually has more than two forms. B 12 is water soluble and is needed to help form new red cells and build genetic material. It helps the function of the central nervous system and in metabolizing protein and fat in the body. 1) Food (meat, fish, eggs, milk ...

Answered: Vitamins that work together or not

I'm not sure exactly what this article says but I think that even if you could read it, it wouldn't give you a conclusive answer on which you could base your actions. I think this is simply an area that needs more research and till it is done your guess is as good as anyone's.

Answered: What are the best vitamins to take in order to help promote alertness and

I have alot of fatigue problems and b12 is one of the best ways i have found to relieve fatigue and give you a natural boost, without the crash. I take b12 shots plus lozenges for severe fatigue. But i you just need some extra energy the sublingual lozenges work very well. Its really great in the ...
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How important is vitamin B12 for weight loss? Was there a study that

Relatively thin best weight-loss products are the safest way, but not all of the weight-loss products will be maintained long-term weight-loss effect, which is produced by the so-called rebound phenomenon after stopping. Here, I can recommend one I have eaten a diet waist, meizitang slimming capsule ...

Puritans Pride sells a vitamin called C-ester. How is it different from

If you would be so kind as to look up the group that ascorbic acid is esterified to in each product and post it, I would be happy to tell you the difference between the two alcohols.

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If you're O negative and your baby is O positive you may need a shot.

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For the stem cells. To treat disease later on in life, like cancer.