does the samsung galaxy s3 have a notepad?

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Answered: How do I remove the hold feature on my Samsung Galaxy 2

I know as it is slim so you are feeling afraid to remove the hold feature. You can go to customer care center, they will help you with this.

Answered: Where can i find wireless charger for my Samsung galaxy s3?

You can search it on Samsung mobile show room.Maybe they can help you.Or you can search it on any big market.Or search it on online shop like amazon or Ebay.I am suggesting you a online wireless charger shop link.Try it

Answered: Samsung galaxy s3 what does it mean mini after the samsung 3s? is it

who would ask about religion in ebay. they should go to church.

Answered: How come i cannot see who's online in my facebook account on my samsung

You need to click on Home next to your name in the upper right hand corner. Then when you see your news feed you should see chat at the bottom right corner. And your messages are top left middle red icon. developer71FB

Answered: Need a Samsung Galaxy S3 case...

Now ROCK Galaxy S3 Case is the most popular one in the market, yet also a lot of ROCK Knock-off,recommend to buy a galaxy s3 case from a ROCK verified deals...
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Dvd to samsung galaxy s 3

That doesn't mean the problem is the dvd ripping files, the problem may that your device has virus, just check out.

Samsung galaxy s4 what are the meanings of the colors of blinking

Your asking at the wrong place, try here - at the right top - Sign in

Samsung Galaxy SIII debug

If you are facing this problem then you can contact to customer care by visiting this URL or contact this number 180030008282 They definitely solve your problem.

Samsung galaxy discover Is anyone making a ...

There are online stores which are meant only for mobile accessories. Also I've heard that they can prepare custom made accessories for you mobile.