Does the MAIN difference between isotopes of the same element has to do with the number of electrons?

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Answered: Exotic elements?

It is best to begin with topological events: space folding in on itself. As we see space folding itself in, it forms strings, quarks, and so forth. It is consistent with the constructs of Baryons that we see more primiitive matter and more advanced matter. Exotic elements exist, but our atheist ...

Answered: Where does the phone number 441213182153 originate from?

use reverse phone lookup to get the details of that number.

Answered: What is the nuclear symbol of an element that has 6 protons and 6

If it has 6 protons, it is carbon, symbol C. Carbon-12 is the most common isotope.

Answered: Difference

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Answered: What is houdaille industries main phone number?

Houdaille Industries Inc Akron ... - Similar You +1'd this publicly. Undo Sep 13, 2011 – Strippit Houdaille Inc Subsidiary of Houdaille Industries Inc is located at 12975 Clarence Center Rd Akron, NY. Phone: 716 ...

Answered: Electronics parts

There are many difference between LCD TV and LED TV. Here are some: The back of the screen of LCD TV is using fluorescent lamps whereas light emitting diodes are used in LED TV. LED TVs have better black levels and contrast than LCD. And again, color accuracy of LED TV is slightly better than LCD ...
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What are the names of the newest elements?

There have been new elements created in the lab that tend to fly apart very rapidly once formed. Our space simply doesn't like ultra-heavy elements. From Darmastadium (110/281) through Unonoctium (118/294) these artificial actinides are subject to the most aggressive W+/W- and Z boson attack that ...

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