does taylor swift have hairy arms?

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Answered: Taylor Swift: Entertainer of the Year?

that should be her~~~although she's new, i still think she should be the entertainer of the year...she's worth of that....

Answered: Taylor Swift's Rumored Fling With John Mayer

I hope not because she should know better. and i think is mainly publicity for her new album

Answered: Taylor Swift Apologizing to Taylor Lautner in Song?

This could be a publicity stunt for album promotion or it could really be that she is genuinely sorry for what she did to Lautner and this is the only way she knows how to say I'm sorry. God knows I have had my own issues saying I'm sorry to an ex of mine that wouldn't talk to me, even after he ...

Answered: Do you like Taylor Swift? If you dont why? If you do whats your

Many people are going to want some Taylor Swift tickets. Taylor Swift tickets are going to go quick – so when tickets for her next tour go on sale, you're going to want to jump on it quickly. You also have to wonder if Kanye West is going to jump on stage and say how Beyonce had a better tour ...
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Taylor's the new CoverGirl!

She is very pretty but I think she actually looks better with no makeup. But what does she care, another advertiser picking her up will only bring her more $$ (Sony has her for the camera and now this..I wonder who else will try to capitalize on her).

Splitsville for Taylor twosome

If she is a country western star then I'm a astronaught. She is just a whiney little brat and won't be around in 5 years

T-Swift & Mayer

No... I don't see how John is supposed to go from full grown women to a kid and be very happy... She's cute but she too young for him.