does steak and shake use pink slime in their meat?

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Answered: Old meat steak

The cut least it used to. Now everything looks and tastes the same. It all sux!

Answered: Does shoprite sell pink slime in chop meat?

Shop Rite – Laura noted on the Moms Need To Know Facebook page that “ShopRite has come out publicly to state that they’ve never used “pink slime” either, and 100% of their ground beef is ground at the store”

Answered: For how long can I keep a cooked steak in the fridge?

I've eaten a steak that been in the fridge for 7 days. It was rubbery, but harmless. I am in college though- My rule of thumb consists of 3 steps: 1) Smell- If it smells offensive, toss it 2) Mold- Is there mold? Toss it. Is it slimy (meats mostly)? 3) Taste- Taste it a little. This should give ...

Answered: Grading steak

I do think that sometimes some menus may have what grade the meat is. Most of the time you will have to ask what grade and esp. if it is organic. The chef should know both answers.

Answered: Cooking steaks

For a rare steak: Squeeze the pad at the base of your thumb with your index finger. It should feel spongy and offer very little resistance. That’s what a rare steak will feel like For a medium steak: With your index finger, press on the middle of the palm of your outstretched hand. It should ...

Answered: Johns Meat Market Portland Oregon steak soup receipe? thanks, Kathy

I wish knew. Shortly before I moved to Portland in the late 1980's I visited this restaurant. It was like a bar but with good food. I wish there were more information on this place. But I've searched, and I can't find out anything.
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