does StabiliTrak affect gas mileage?

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Answered: Tire pressure? Affects to gas mileage?

You should check the tire pressure frequently, I check mine on a month to month basis, when they are a few pounds below, or a few pounds over, my gas mileage is affected. With gas prices being so high these days, also when you drive don't stomp on the gas pedal, that makes you use more gas than you ...

Answered: Which vehicle is better on gas? 98 Navigator or 04 BMW Li

The BMW has probably better MPG ratio.

Answered: Looking for gas monitoring system,averige mileage,instant gas milage

This is something that certain cars have built in today. You just have to find a brand that has this feature. I think installing it in a car that doesn't come with it could get quite expensive. By the way this is an interesting article that looks at the whole issue from a funny angle.

Answered: What car is best on gas mileage?

That depends on many things like capability and size. Of course all electric, of several brands, rate above 100 mpg but IMO they are not sufficiently capable for my use. Of Hybrids with midsize use capability; the top 3 for combined ratings are Ford, Toyota and VW . However their lifetime energy ...

Answered: Can vortec air intake type devices improve gas mileage?

this is another of the "mouse milk" devices sold to increase the mileage or performance of your vehicle. the vortex type products will induce some spin to the incoming air. however, the incoming air is violently redirected , and bounced around in the intake manifold as the intake valves open and ...
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Information on open windows in car or air ...

at lower speeds the windows open do better. At highway speed, close them. Mythbusters did a routine on this. You might want to look it up.


what do you do? do you go out of town? are you licensed? bonded?


we have been using this product and yes it works. go to our email is on front. let us know how we can help you. debbie

Is fuel system cleaning suggested? If so, what mileage?

Yes, keeping the fuel system clean is important. Fuel cleaner does several important things. It keeps the "fuel level sensor" in your gas tank from sticking and giving you a false level reading on your dash "fuel level gauge" If your car has either fuel injectors or a carborator, it will keep clean ...