Does sears give new employee uniform?

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Answered: What are the procedures and/or policies for terminating an employee?

These will vary from employer to employer. The conditions for termination should be spelled out in the contract and/or employees manual.

Answered: What does sears say about former employee's? Do ...

Most employers will confirm dates of work. They might not tell you if an employee was fired. If there was a layoff of many employees, like closing a store, they might tell you that. They probably will not tell you if the employee was chosen for layoff because they were a bottom performer.

Answered: I am expecting to start working at Sears already ...

That dosen't sound right. Is it for a short time? Probation period? I guess a job is better than no job but I hate to see company's take advantage of people.

Answered: If you are a full time employee,

These are questions you need to ask a supervisor. I'm sure it differs, according to location and job classification.

Answered: New (2014) mail not appearinf in my inbox.

This morning this happened to me

Answered: New Hire, No Answers

Did you actually apply for a job at Sears? Employers now take their time before hiring someone. But if you feel uncomfortable then go with your senses. Call the Sears Human Resources and ask if that is their normal proticol.
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