does Salman Rushdie believe in god?

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Answered: What do you think God looks like if you believe in Dios?

There are texts that say that Jesus changed his appearance or was seen by many in a crowd in very different ways. The Almighty is what it is and appears to each as we perceive Him.

Answered: Why should people even care if there is a God.

Hi bb. Don't know if you're still checking this, but I'll throw in my 2 cents. Whether or not you believe something is true or false doesn't really make it so. You stated earlier that you have no intention of reading the Bible at all. Since that's a primary source of understanding God and our ...

Answered: God can;t find been looking

It is nice to hear from you again, but sorry love science wins over again I keep searching and I am sorry to say Josegh Campbell's book are of his beliefs of the bible sink "story" and or another storys which many, many have. Look any where books like his are every where a dime to a dozen. As ...

Answered: Is God absent minded? Could there be the cosmic ...

IT'S Adam and Eve, NOT, Adam and STEVE!! AND NO, God is NOT absent minded. You will see on Judgment day as Jesus BACK HANDS your non believing satanic A$$ into the Lake of Fire,HELL!!!!

Answered: Do you believe in God? If not, what do you believe ...

NO all the crap going on in the world how could I believe there is some one out there watching all this death!!!!Who could see all this and say o well move on

Answered: Visions of god

July 16, 1945
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If there's a God and everything isn't an accident ...

There is a god. Yahweh. From a human perspective, there are accidents. From a divine perspective, GOD grants us free will and very often does not intervene when we make bad choices. Should the engineer have made the free rider buy a ticket? I would think so.

What would be the reason for some to reject God and not believe? or

Just like Child or children struglle with sibling rivalry so do we with our Fathers love . We all want to belong so differences are created through this love but God instructs us that we cant love him who we donot see if we don love our brother who we see everyday. This individual relationship ...

Islam: True or False

Dear Readers. On the information I post I'm not saying it's true or not true, I just post what I find, I'm not telling you to read what I post, I'm not telling you to believe or not to believe what I post, you have a free will of your own. I am not responsibility of how you feel, or what you ...

God's Message

The Book of Moron does that very thing.