does Salman Rushdie believe in god?

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Answered: Why should people even care if there is a God.

Because if he didn't exist, nobody would care.

Answered: God can;t find been looking

It is nice to hear from you again, but sorry love science wins over again I keep searching and I am sorry to say Josegh Campbell's book are of his beliefs of the bible sink "story" and or another storys which many, many have. Look any where books like his are every where a dime to a dozen. As ...

Answered: Do you believe in God? If not, what do you believe ...

NO all the crap going on in the world how could I believe there is some one out there watching all this death!!!!Who could see all this and say o well move on

Answered: What do you think God looks like if you believe in Dios?

I don't know what Dios means, but I know that God looks something like a normal human being , b/c it says in the bible that when making us, God said, " Let us make man ( and woman) in our own image "

Answered: Oprah's Belief in GOD

Who cares she has so much money she can believe in anything she wants don't get me wrong i love 90% of her shows and think she has her sh*t together and am very proud of her and i'm an old white woman she has done very well for her self but i do not care really what she believes in ! Cause i will ...

Answered: What would be the reason for some to reject God and not believe? or

Just like Child or children struglle with sibling rivalry so do we with our Fathers love . We all want to belong so differences are created through this love but God instructs us that we cant love him who we donot see if we don love our brother who we see everyday. This individual relationship ...
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How to get close to God?

Just pray and meditate on a Supreme Being. Contrary to what some believe, "Just pray and meditate on any Supreme Being" the devil is remarkably tolerant of all false religion, and he is known to be pleasingly nondenominational in his approach to religion. Satan is proud to be an .Supreme Being ...

Islam: True or False

A new leftist Muslim Atheist poster's alias who has been posting for hours and hours and going on questions that are 4 years old. Who does he think he's fooling?

Could God manifest in simple things?

What is the question? Can God manifest himself in simple things? If that is what you're asking, I think yes he can. I think everything that exists in this world is manifest in God.

Visions of god

July 16, 1945