Does Parker Stevenson smoke weed? Where is Parker Stevenson from?

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Answered: Neighbor smoking weed

Consider the importance of getting along with your neighbor. Whatever you do will have an impact on your future relationship which can amount to years. Do you want to get along with him or would you rather have him as your enemy? If you want to live in peace and harmony, perhaps you should go ...

Answered: Will Weeds be the same without Mary Louise Parker?

No the show would not be the same without her as she is the force behind WEEDS

Answered: Weeds Season 4 smoking implement?

last sunday i had watch weeds season 4 episodes . you can also enjoy it online for free just follow previous link by simple click

Answered: Whats the best way to quit weed for me

Here's a great resource: How to quit weed

Answered: Real weed vs online smoke shop ? ?

The pot out there on the street and I would suppose anywhere else is not the good weed that was around in the 60's. One must be so careful and best to order from somewhere like Canada. You have to know what you are buying and that is why so many users today do not react or act under the ...
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