does one main financial give loans to people with bad credit?

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Answered: Why do loan companies lend to people with bad credit?

Some lenders look specifically for filers of chapter 7 bankruptcies.. They know these people (1) no longer have outstanding debts and (2) can not re-file chapter7 for seven years.. This to them is like money in the bank as for instance, the people they lend to won't pay back, their no longer ...

Answered: Loan for people with bad credits

Loan with bad credit is assuring only private money lenders. They can lend you money without credit information also. There are many verified lenders who are ready to lend you money without credit information earlier than banks and conventional lenders. Lending Universe Inc. can be your first ...

Answered: I am looking 4 sameday loan and on carers disability and one where u dont

Hi Kelly41 There aren't many places that will offer a payday loan to those on DSS, however this site: Does have an option for you - Provident Loans, you'll see them at the bottom of the page. Good Luck!

Answered: Guaranteed loans of $10,000 or more for people with low to middle Credit

So basically you're looking for some loan company to just hand over $10,000 to any Tom , Dick or Harry who asks? Credit scores, employment history, prior bankruptcies, proof of permanant residence and all other important factors are to simply be overlooked? AND you want all that with a low interest ...

Answered: What % of loans are currently getting approved - with the credit crunch

GUARANTY TRUST LOAN PLC I am Mr Tony Belly, a reputable, legitimate & an accredited company money Lender. I loan money out to individuals in need of financial assistance. Do you have a bad credit or you are in need of money to pay bills? I want to use this medium ...

Answered: How to Get Bad Credit Auto Loans?

Now getting loan with bad credit is so much easy. Hard money lenders are providing loan without credit checking also. If you are looking for such type of loan then you can contact with Lending Universe Inc. There are over 10000 verified hard money lenders in their largest database.
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How to get a loan with a bad credit ?

you can get a loan with bad credit. There are many private groups which will give you. I will mentioned the link below. Remember but be sure to read all terms and conditions. Good luck

If you take out student loans while you're in ...

You can pay it one way or another. Monthly payments will depend on your monthly income. To learn more about this, click this link Student loan refinance rate as they offer solutions you can never imagine.

Will a guarantor loan boost my credit rating?

Yes, guarantor loans can boost up your credit ratings only if the loan repayment is done in the stipulated time period. Besides this, you can also opt for loans with no guarantor that do not require any guarantor at the time of availing loans.

There is this new place called Time Buyers in town ...

I agree with Dr. Kelly. These type of sales lots do not offer any good deals whatsoever. Your interest can be sky high and you have to pay well over blue book prices. Please avoid if possible. Try to secure a loan from a bank or credit union and buy from a private seller.