Does multiculturalism strengthen or weaken America's identity?

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Answered: Socialogy

Hey, America is a nation of immigrants -- and I'm 2/3 Iroquois! Got that set in stone by the Tribal Elders. We ain't Americans. We have our land and things got weird since BIA and all that but you know, we vote cause that affects us -- in a big way. So my Dad was black. He and Mom had 55 years ...

Answered: What makes america such a multicultural nation

With the exception of the Native Americans who were originally here, everyone else is an immigrant. People were and are drawn here in the hopes of having a better life. That can mean financially, politically, and spiritually. I wish more people would remember this when they talk about America as ...

Answered: Does America have Black Friday too?

Do we have black Friday? Hell, we invented it.

Answered: What is considered as identity theft? Would someone who poses as Barack

This would be a case of Identity Theft, and could be prosecuted Chad Hatten crime

Answered: Identity of Self

I fought long and hard when I first came on this site. I was tormented and abused verbally by many but I won out and they went by the wayside. I have stayed true to my icon, even though others tried to steal it along with my name and I survived. I do not concern myself with identities of others I ...

Answered: Are the identity theft protection programs that ...

The standard identity theft protection is enough Chad Hatten Crime
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Blissful, That is a felony, and a felony charge is automatic jail time. Prepare yourself. Sparky's Mom

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Cases of identity theft is increasing and thieves have invented a number of ways to steal a person’s information including bank accounts, SSN, credit reports etc. Therefore, it is highly important to guard your information. Check all mails you receive if they are complete, go through the ...