does lemon juice affect coumadin the same as grapefruit juice?

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Answered: Can i add lemon juice to my well

what exactly you wont to ask?

Answered: With all the health benefits of lemons, do they ...

Did you know that Lemon can be used to remove pimple marks ? It has been a very well known remedy that works for a lot of people. Here's a site on how to do it: Also if you'd like more ...

Answered: How many glasses of grapfruit juice can I drink a ...

Veronica- I do not have a clue as to how many glasses of Grapefruit juice that you can drink in a day. If you are looking to lose weight, then you need to read the label and check to see how many calories per specified serving there are. There are about 3000 calories per pound. What ever you ...

Answered: How to polinate grapefruit and lemon trees that i started from seeds

Hi Gene. My friend also had that problem; she went back to the nursery where she bought the lemon seeds and the gardener there told her that she must have a second fruit tree: either on her property or close by so that they can pollinate. Otherwise, the fruit tree won't be able to produce fruit. Her ...

Answered: Why can't you drink grapefruit juice with xanax?

It's not specific to xanax, Grapefruit Juice hinders the absorption of many medications

Answered: Is olive oil and lemon juice okay for hair?

I agree with Nyssa, Lemon juice contains an acid and it wouldn't be useful for your hair
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Never noticed the difference. However, now that you mention it the possibility of getting some of the pith from using a juicer is quite plausible. You just have exeptional taste buds!