does judicial discretion affect courtroom participants?

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Answered: Why are Republicans happy to participate in a

Bitter Democrats and their games. Screaming lies, insulting names. They prove nothing, attempt frames. Will they like prison numbers, not their names?

Answered: I have trouble with affect and effect. Is there a ...

Affect vs effect is a common debate. Affect should be used in your sentence because it is used primarily as a verb. While effect is used as a noun in all situations.

Answered: Lookin for Discrete Fun & Excitement

You're looking for sex and in another thread you ask why you ejaculate blood????? WTF is wrong with you?

Answered: Can extra judicial confession in form of sms is tanable in law

Doubt it. SMS (aka text) can be made by anyone, through any messaging system. If there is no witness to the actual creation of the message, there is no credible legitimacy to the statement. Whose not to say that another individual who holds animosity against the alleged confessor made the ...
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The real problem is the Laws/Canon/Ethics of the Profession , which have nothing to do with the Moral Code of Human Existance (RIGHT--Wrong ) .If ya stop passing laws that turn Good people into Hippocrits (sp)by Ordering them to say or not say whats Right or Wrong (Politically Correct Crap ) & take ...

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Biker- It will not affect the sperm, but the sperm manufacturing centers certainly can be affected. If your family jewels were shielded (lead apron), then there should be no problems. JayR

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Rocmike, your aliases don't count. They're not real posters no matter what the voices that you hear in your head make you believe.

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There are a few organizations that provide free medical care where it is most desperately needed. Shriners International. Provides care for children in Shriners' Hospital free of charge, in 122 nations. Cedars of Sinai. Organized by Danny Thomas, Cedars and related medical centers provide state ...