Does Joe Bonsall have out of the marriage kids?

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Answered: Does marriage and having kids automatically plummet your I.Q. 50 points

No, it does not change your IQ. It does give you responsibilities. You should no longer be thinking only of your personal benefit, but you can apply your intelligence to providing for the needs and wants of your family. That may make you a less interesting conversationalist to your single friends ...

Answered: Is marriage for imbeciles because the suffering ...

Get the hell out of here with your ridiculous fairy tales about some clown who says a few magic words and makes all your troubles disappear. If you truly believe the BS you've plastered all over this board you should be locked in a padded room. Idiot!

Answered: Why is wanting to wait for marriage considered to ...

Because this is a promiscuous generation and country. Nothing is sacred and the music, drug use, movies and TV emphasize it. You are right and you are missing out on nothing but being used and maybe getting an STD. Keep your standards it will pay off. Go for your career, everyone needs one ...

Answered: What do you do when you both know its over and can't say it after 32 yrs

Very sad but basically honesty is the best policy and no use continuing to be unhappy. Just say it and start the healing process.

Answered: Ever Grow the ZOMBIE PLANT...It Plays DEAD when You Touch It. Kids seem

Zombies and light don't mix. How does this thing photosynthesize?

Answered: Life Goal Work Marriage Kids and Now Divorce?

It sounds like she's dealing with the impending end of her marriage in quite the healthy way. She must know that having children to you is the most important thing in your marriage.
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Does marriage entail a gay lifestyle except for your sex partner? Men

Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman, binding them together in a union approved by GOD. One of the obligations of marriage, when physically possible, is to reproduce. One of the benefits of marriage is that is provides someone to blame when you can't find your keys and someone one to ...

Can kids put me out of his house if he die in pa?

This is a matter you need to discuss with an attorney. If he had a will, the legal system will be guided by that. If he died intestate, there will need to be trips to court and such if you feel you're entitled to the house. Don't let them bully you. Get legal representation.

Hubby doesn't want a baby but I do.

I think Joey'sgirl should find a lot of things to think about by reading our replys to her question. So, again, we've helped someone and that's what we are here to enjoy doing.