does it feel like you're going to start your period if you're pregnant?

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Answered: Could i be pregnant if i feel wet and havent started my period

Check out the link to know whether you have chances of being pregnant.

Answered: If you have sex the day before your period are you pregnant if you start

ovulation happened about 14 days BEFORE the period stat, it last about 1-2 days. Sperm can stay alive for up to 6-7 days (though usually it doesn't stay alive for more then 3-4 days) so basically, the most chances are to get pregnant is about a week to 2 weeks AFTER your period started. The ...

Answered: Ok, so can u get pregnant if you have sex on the first day you started

When you have sex on the first day of your period, you could not get pregnant because this is your safest time for sex. If you don't want to get pregnant, always let your boyfriend use condoms.

Answered: If i have unprotected sex, then get my period 3 days later, can i still

im fourteen and i had protected sex three weeks ago today, . sinse then i have had my periods about four times, they would only last about a day but would be either really heavy or really light, also im having a brownish discharge. i have a few pains and a fewhead aches but it isnt unusual for meto ...

Answered: Is it possible to be pregnant

few days before period you are not fertile - you are not pregnant - chck below your fertile and not-fertile days:

Answered: Can you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex and period arrived shortly

David - thats not necasary as the sperm can live inside a female for up 7 days max. Also a women can get pregnant at any time of their cycle/month. Good luck though..
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Can you get pregnant on the last day of your period or right after your

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Can you get pregnant if you dont have your period?

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I had my periods last month but two weeks after i started feeling nausea

i've not had sex yet but been feeling nausea this week cld i be pregnant? pliz answer me