does grapefruit pectin powder unclog arteries?

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Answered: Alternative medicine

Contact these people. I looked on the Internet but didn't find anything.

Answered: What will happen to me if i take advicor with grapefruit?

Certain types of statins should not be taken in combination with grapefruit, and Advicor is a statin that can cause negative reactions when used with any grapefruit products. Grapefruit is believed to interfere with an enzyme that the body uses to break down lovastatin -- a component of Advicor ...

Answered: What tips can I adopt in order to help unclog my ...

Red devil drain cleaner contains lye and has worked better than anything else I have tried.

Answered: If my artery is already partway clogged, how do I unclog it on my own?

You don't. Medications might help some of it, but eventually you'll likely have to have surgery.

Answered: Powder liquor

Try to google it.
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Unclogging Arteries Through The Wrist

Yes I had a stent put in through the wrist.. They give you something to numb the wrist area and medication to make you drowsy. It wasn't bad and I was semi awake during the time. Less bleeding with the wrist because they can put a pressure wrap around the wrist better than the groin. You don't have ...

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Does grapefruit seed extract conflict with cholesterol medications?

I take 40 mgs. Of lipitor a day and i am told to stay away from any type of grapefruit.I hate it because i love grapefruit. Linda

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If this is for a bio class, then it should be in your textbook and I'm wondering why you haven't just opened that up, because it is in there... Anyway, here is a basic overview: There are three types of arterial blood vessels: (1) elastic arteries, (2) muscular arteries, and (3) arterioles ...