DOES GA medicaid Wellcare cover wisdom teeth removal for adults?

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Answered: What do dentist do with our teeth when they remove them.

I think once a tooth is removed it is useless and cannot be used again. But dentists may keep some for study reasons

Answered: Adult living in habersham GA

NO- I did not find an answer

Answered: Wisdom teeth why do some people never get wisdom teeth

First off a semantic issue. No organism is more or less evolved than another, stating it that way infers that evolution has a goal that it is attempting to reach. This is a common misunderstanding, evolution/natural selection favor those organisms who are most adapted to their environments so no ...

Answered: Wisdom teeth

Oh, you were lucky before. When I got mine pulled I was in a lot of pain for the first three days...

Answered: How long do dissolvable sutures take to come out or dissolve? When can I

There are different types of dissolvable sutures. Call the person that did this to you and get specifics. With a name, you can Google it. Or if you are lucky, the orifice manager might actually give you the info. JayR
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Help im scared

I had my wisdom teeth cut out about 2 years ago. I was sooooooo nervous when I went in!!! When I woke up...I was like...ummmm, is that it?? I mean yeah you are going to be a little sore after the fact but it was not that bad. Just take your pain medication and sleep through it!! LOL.

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WebMD examines common problems with the gums, including soreness, swelling, and bleeding. Learn possible causes and find remedies to help keep your ...

My mother paid me rent will that disqualify her for medicaid

NO!, she would have to pay someone rent to live. Now if YOU are receiving some kind of government assistance, then you would have to look into it for yourself.