does clindamycin have penicillin in it?

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Answered: Maximum penicillin dosage

The dosage of penicillin V potassium should be determined according to the susceptibility of the causative microorganism and the severity of infection and should be adjusted to the clinical response of the patient. The usual dosage recommendations for adults and children 12 years and over are as ...

Answered: What can I take if i have pneumonia and can't take penicillin?

i hope you have been to a doctor, and that this isn't a self-diagnosis. pneumonia is dangerous and it needs to be taken care of with doctor's orders. as far as medicine is concerned, there are many people who are allergic to penicillin, and there are other antibiotics that you can take, again ...

Answered: Can Penicillin be passed through the semen?

yes it can it is a fluid in your body

Answered: What is medicine clindamycin used for?

Clindamycin is a topical antibiotic gel. It is used to treat bacterial infections and severe acne. It prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin.

Answered: How many days do you take clindamycin?

For the entire amount of time indicated on the bottle via docs orders. Every antibiotic is made to destroy whatever germ or fungus or whatever amongus and they all have different time factors to do the job so if you stop too soon and do not finish your med you leave residue of the culprit behind to ...
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What saves more lives DDT or penicillin?

Since DDT is a banned insecticide in the USA, penicillin would seem to be a safe bet.

Can penicillin be passed from through sexual contact?

Penicillin is the cure, not a disease. Penicillin eliminates bacteria that cause many kinds of infections, including pneumonia; meningitis; sexually transmitted diseases, and skin, bone, joint, stomach, blood, and heart valve infections. Penicillins are used to treat infections caused by bacteria ...

The directions for a vial of penicillin G 4,000 ...

Are you a student working on a project? Your question looks similar to those I would have assigned to my nursing students in the 90's. If so, you probably have a baseline teaching example of this math problem. Start by reviewing that one, and see if you understand it enough 'to teach it to ...

How is penicillin affected by stoli vodka?

2 thumbs up. Well put Annette