does anyone know of apartments for rent in nyc area with a landlord that will accept feps level of 1050?

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Answered: How Much are apartments in manhattan ny?

Here you can know more about apartments in manhattan ny

Answered: I rent a house in niagara falls new york, there is no lease agreement

Raise in rent varies per location, you can ask your local government for information regarding that.

Answered: Is black mold a legal reason to not pay rent

Over time mold can make people sick and could also be deadly. I'm thinking the tenants want the problem to be fixed thus will not pay rent. I myself would want out! but thats just me.

Answered: Do I have to pay rent increase

Pay only what is in your contract other than that it's beyond your responsibility.

Answered: The landlords neglet to fix the roof caused damp and damage to my

You can make a claim but you'd likely need an attorney to actually win.

Answered: Should I pay repair charges to the apartment?

I wanted to know whether the rental office can take me to court if I do not pay repair charges? Also is there anything like residential history? Does it have an affect on my renting of future apts?
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In my country it should be one month, where are you from anyway?

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