Does angel brand bissy tea clean the system of thc or just give you a window to pass the urine test and can the tester tell?

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Answered: How long is someone elses urine good for

Good for what? I think most experienced lab personnel can determine the time since the actual urination and the time it gets to the lab.

Answered: I got 4 days till my drug test,i used meth today ...

Christy, I know that you are not going to like my answer. I don't care if you pass the test or not. My concern is with you and what you are doing to your body. I have seen people mess up their lives on drugs. You are a young woman (I presume) and you have your whole life ahead of you. Why would ...

Answered: Will I Pass

Well, there is no guarantee but it sounds to me as though you have a good chance of passing. Again, congratulations on your decision to change your behavior and avoid the need for further testing. Good luck.

Answered: Doctor testing for drugs without telling and telling someone about it!

I dont think that doctors can run any kind of tests on u without notifying you and they have to do that before they even begin testing. If not they leave themselves open for all kinds of malpractice suits. Thats not to say that some routine screens wont show whether you are using drugs nd what kind ...
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Urine test tom smoked pot yesterday and 3 days prior

go to a tobacco store, or vitamin shop they have a cleanse pill...and drink alot of water. They also have stuff to drink but the pill may work quicker.

If your gallbladder was removed is it true that a urine drug test will

HELLNO Mine was removed twenty + years ago & i have failed two during that span.

I was recently fired frqm my job for a urine test ...

There was obviously a mistake made somewhere in the testing process,dan.In most states the legal limit for intoxication,while behind the wheel .08% b.a.c.,or blood alcohol content and a .327 8 hrs after you quit drinking would have meant you had to start out somewhere around a .50 or .55 ...

Urine test

Hi Heidi, ---------- Yes, sure. In sport events that's the routine proceedure to find out if the sportmen / sportwomen use forbidden drugs. ---------- Best regards,