do you need kinect to play angry birds on xbox 360?

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Answered: Can i play xbox 360 games on xbox?

Some xbox games have been converted to xbox360 format. You may thus find some xbox games are able to play on the xbox360

Answered: Is the Xbox the best game console out there? Does ...

I agree with Cman, and also, here's my 2-cents... I think that now that the new Xbox 360 slim system is out, there are many problems that the old system had that you wont have to worry about and I know due to the fact that I repair Gaming Consoles. But the variety of games that the Xbox has to the ...

Answered: Why does my dad allways hog the xbox

Maybe because you insult his abilities and he wants to improve, so he can show you up.

Answered: Xbox360 cheat help needed

You must activate cheat mode before using any cheat. To enter cheat mode press Back to activate your PDA during gameplay and press: LB, RB(2), LB, RB, LB(2), RB(3), LB, then press Back again.
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Can I download xbox 360 games on to my pc, then play them on my xbox 360

i would like to add that i am not liable for the actions anyone takes i am only repeating the words from other users

How can I play live while playing more than one person on my own system

U make another xbox live account 1 month trial then ur on ur way

How can i play call of duty waw on line in split screen mode in both team

You cannot play multiplayer on your personal 360; online. This game does not support this option; i wish it did so me and my bf could, unfortunately it is impossible.

If I hook up a USB wireless internet adaptor to my Xbox 360, will it

You can connect to Xbox Live using a wireless network adapter, but it will have to be the one made specifically for the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, you have to buy their model and cannot simply connect any random wireless network adapter ...