do you need a permit to put up a swing set in bordentown township, NJ?

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Answered: I often thought about getting a wooden swing set ...

You can treat the wood of these swing sets with any kind of wood sealant (Thompsons Water Sealer, for instance). This will not only protect the color and integrity of the wood, but keep the swing set lasting for many years to come. You will have to refinish the wood after several years.

Answered: Permit needed for 8 X 8 shed in Dreher township PA?

Most local codes do not require a permit if the shed is under 100 Sq Ft. I would - as JoeyBoy suggests - you check with your local building codes. You may find that you have 'set back' requirement for your codes. In other words you may be restricted on how close you can erect your shed to another's ...

Answered: Basic swing set/ tree house

I agree with the poster above. Backyard city has great wooden swing sets and accessories.

Answered: Need yo set a new permanent password

Hi, Helen: Please refer to the instructions listed in the article below. I forgot my AOL password. How do I reset it?
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Most building departments have Internet postings or e-permiting on line. Residents can often review 'open' permits and contractors on these local building department web sites. Its a good way to check out local contractors and building projects in your area. Contact your local building department ...

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Part for canopy swing set.

You can get a swing set canopy from several places online. They will come with all the hardware you need. If you just need the screws and nuts, you can get them at any hardware store.