do you have any rooms for smokers?

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Answered: Renting room with dog in house

Haven't found an answer yet

Answered: I've been rate limited for 2 days because I inadvertently hit a chat room

Life is tough. Are there some books that you have been neglecting? Reading a a great past time.

Answered: Someone gave my husband and I a smoker as an early ...

Food network's website has a lot of information on cooking methods, so try looking there. Food network usually has the most detailed instructions when it comes to cooking, but there are many other websites out there with great recipes. Just to name a few, ...

Answered: Cancelation of nonrefundable hotel rooms

yep, no hotel do a refund when you cancel your accommodation... better think many times before making decision.

Answered: Availability of colonnade guest rooms july 28,2012 weekend

AOL answers is not the place to make reservations for a weekend! Call their number and speak to someone,
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I don´t own one. If I did, I´d carefully read the instructions that should come with it as I´m afraid of playing around with anything that can go kaboom! Hope this helps though:

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I don't think there's any connection between tobacco use and funky drawers. My suggestion is that you worry about your own underwear and keep your nose out of other peoples'.

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If you would like an estimate from us and not a local contractor, you will need to supply some info. Size of the addition. Exterior door? What type? How will it tie into the roof? Guttering? Drainage for the guttering? Windows? What size and how many? Electric? Plumbing? Ceiling fans? Walls painted ...