do we spend 360 billion a year on illegal aliens at snopes?

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Answered: Are aliens among us?

There are a lot of Rocmike aliases. Fred G. is one of them.

Answered: Were the 16 people american citizens or illegals?

Using the threat of frivolous litigation to force a property owner to pay what amounts to a mafia rakeoff, is one of the nineteen specifications of the felony crime, Extortion. Were I the rancher, I would have cross filed timely for Extortion, moved for summary decision, and sought Extradition back ...

Answered: Where do you report businessess who hire illegal ...

I called it in about 4 weeks ago it was a address in New Orleans on EVE St. I never heard back from anyone I gave the name of the address and what time to go, my name is Kathleen Hartland and my phone # is 504-287-9283. I would like to know the status.

Answered: How does illegal aliens become legal?

how do i find aliens details traveled from UK to TZ in between 1961 to 1965. Please can you tell?

Answered: Should illegal aliens be given a blanket citizenship?

Lets give obama from Kenya citizenship

Answered: How to report illegal aliens working in united states

Why would you do that? They are good people overall working in ways that benefit our country very well.
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Your answer would've been helpful had you stopped at "No, he is a US citizen".

When illegals working in McDonald's tell you not ...

McDonald's has free refills. Steve of course is a malignant racist bigot.

Why isn't the news media covering the illegal alien crossings?

That would be horribly racist of them to do that!! At least, according to the liberal/progressive movement.

Obama Bearing False Witness Regarding Illegals and ...

Moosemose season greetings Merry X'Mas & happy Hew Year