do sandra bullock and george clooney die in gravity?

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Answered: Sandra Bullock is back

I would love to see her get back to comedy. She has a way of making me laugh until my sides hurt.

Answered: Sandra Bullock, Scarlet Johansen, and the Kiss

It was definitely a phenomenal publicity stunt to get the public off Sandra's back regarding her ex-husband and failed marriage.

Answered: Gravity Die Casting...

Aluminum brackets with hole die cast into place better. They will also save cost of machining the holes.

Answered: George Clooney Future Plans

His next movie is "Leatherheads." It looks unusual and fun: a zany, old-time football comedy:

Answered: George Clooney's Pranks

I read that while making Ocean's Eleven, his pranks included smearing door knobs with Vaseline and rigging a bucket of cold water over the producer's bedroom door (only to soak a hapless bellman who entered first). I also read he once made his best pal Richard Kind display a ghastly discarded ...
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George Clooney on the cover of Vogue

No, Richard Gear was also featured on the cover. Isn’t it obvious to you why? They are both flaming hot!!

George Clooney's best part?

His part in O Brother, Where Art Thou? was amazing. I wasn't impressed with him on the Ocean movies.

George Clooney actions in favor of Darfur

George Clooney travelled to Darfur with his father to document the crisis. He's spoken at many rallies and is active in trying to increase awareness about the situation in Darfur. Here's a great article you can read on the official Save Darfur webpage about Clooney's involvement. You can also ...

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