do recovering meth addicts have low sex drives?

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Answered: Is low sex drive normal during pregnancy?

It doesn't necessarily mean that if your pregnant, your libido decreases, it simply means that your afraid of doing sex because you may be thinking of your baby's sake. Sex Pill

Answered: My partner has no sex drive, in 2004 he had a ...

Maybe you can ask him to take sex pills . These are effective.

Answered: Cocaine drugs Does cocaine affects users sex life?

Cocaine often has the reverse effect, increasing sexual desire while impairing or delaying orgasm. However, a symptom of heavy cocaine abuse is a massive decline in sex drive and activity. Basically it depends on how much you're using it. If you use cocaine over a long period you feel wired ...

Answered: Is it alright for a recovered addict over one year sober to use cough

It's best to consult with your doctor or even the pharmacist at the store. Relapse prevention is important for addicts to stay away from potentially hazardous situations.

Answered: No Sex

What do you thinking? do you like him?

Answered: How to recover files overwritten file?

Generally, overwritten files can't be recovered. Anyway, you can try to use data recovery to can your computer. I know a software named Free Any Data Recovery is good, you can have a try:
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