do moose have a mating ritual?

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Answered: Moose antlers

female caribou and reindeer grow antlers, in some rare cases female deer such as whitetails can grow antlers

Answered: Who is Marty Moose?

Marty Moose is from National Lampoons Vacation!

Answered: In the nature movie "earth" are there scenes of ...

There are lots of scenes of animals specially birds wooing:

Answered: Are the plans for the Santa w/Moose outdoor design ...

Yes, they are available now. Designed for indoor or outdoor use these lighted animals complete a Christmas Display. If you wan to decorate your outdoor area then you can use outdoor furniture.

Answered: 'You can put lipstick on a moose, but it's still a moose'

Here is my lipstick on a moose:
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Jameslee102447 is Truth! Njoy is Light!