Do I tithe on borrowed money?

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Answered: Why is it shameful to borrow money? Owing to a ...

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Answered: Tithes

Donations to the Church are of course never in vain. The money will go to the best possible use. Here are the priorities that most Churches face. Note that tithes and offerings only make up part of the Church income. No two Congregations are the same. Building and upkeep might be 25%-30% of the ...

Answered: Where to borrow money when no one wants to help?

Why don't you take a loan from a bank if you are in need of money? There are short term as well as long term bank loans for the offering. Hence, I would suggest you to research more on them and see if taking a bank loan would suit your requirement.

Answered: Can co borrower take borrower to court for car payment they verbally

Sure. From what little you have said, your chances or recovery are minute.

Answered: Banks loaning money?

I would suggest you that the bank loaning money can be easily get by searching about it online or by some of the other ways that you can know from the concerned person online. Unsecured loans for bad credit | Bad credit personal loans | LoanBookers finance loans

Answered: How much is the monthly interest cost if you borrow $300,000 @2.77%?

The annual interest cost is 300,000 x .0277 = $8310. One twelfth of that is the monthly interest $692.50. The interest cost goes down from month to month as you pay off part of the principal. A mortgage calculator says that the monthly payment on a 30-year mortgage at 2.77% would be $1227.90.
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Where to get some money?

Most people who need money have to find a job and work for a living. Some beg outside shopping malls.


My suggestion is that you should wait for 1 year, because though you may get loan after 1 day of filing bankruptcy but interest rate will be high for that. Try to improve your low score of credit card. Another best way you can take advise from local bankruptcy attorney . They can surely guide you ...

Can i borrow money from my annuity funds?

Yes, you can borrow money for the annuity funds, I suggest you that you can get the money through the online source or by some other ways. Instant loans | Immediate loans | Apply for instant loans today

What is a quid in money terms?

A quid is a British pound sterling. In the 1920's that was about $5 US.