do i need a permit to paint the exterior of my house?

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Answered: What temperature is needed to paint exterior cement

If the temperature is too cold paint will not flow and go on smoothly. In the other hand, if it is too hot the paint can dry up immediately that may result to "baking". So, it is advisable to have a temperature above 50° when painting to have the best result.

Answered: What to paint the a front door on a house that has brown siding

I would go with red or green or a natural wood finish. A veneer would do well.

Answered: I have a exterior paint that is latex semi gloss ...

Painting concrete is considerably different than a wood or metal surface. Concrete is porous and needs to be sealed before painting. Then once the surface is painted (it should be a concrete paint, enamel) it should be sealed again. I really think that painting your steps will result in almost ...

Answered: Why can't I paint? It always seems that I go too ...

Buy good paint for your project and buy quaity rollers and brushes. The first coat will use the most paint. Load your roller and roll an area and go back over it in a "W" pattern. It's important to keep your lead edge wet as you go. Don't let the paint dry and come back where you left off because ...

Answered: Can i fix my clumpy exterior house paint? (It was ...

BD- Mineral spirits (paint thinner) is for oil. Water is for latex. The answer to your question is no, in all likelihood. If you want to try and save the paint, put a power stirrer (these attach to your drill) in it and mix it well. Then pour it into a new bucket thru a strainer that comes from ...
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Yes, since elastomeric paint are proven to its great elasticity property that is very much great for stucco material use.

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