do filipino mothers have sex with their sons?

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Answered: Adult 41 year old son has mom visit should he give her the bed or have

Mom should not have to sleep on the floor. At very least she should have a couch, or an air mattress and sleeping bag. It would be better if Mom got the bed.

Answered: Weird son mother relationship

It seems as though she is also engaging him in this behavior. There is underlying competition toward you by her. I think you should point out to him his forst Role now is a husband and father and that you are proud and love him for being a Man. Let him know you notice this behavior as hurtful to ...

Answered: My son does not love his mother

he tells me he hates me. wont call or come over. wont answer my phone calls. if he does answer he just yells at me. talks down to me. he was 19 when he had a child. i have his child for 10yrs now and the child is 10. he has never try to spend time with the child, but blames me that he dont get to ...

Answered: Im looking for a surrogate mother to use my ...

What is the reason for your infertility? Has your husband had a sperm analysis? If so, was it normal.

Answered: What is the best menu of the Filipino food? I have ...

Philippine foods are combination of sweet, sour and salty flavors. But not too spicy. This normally comes in a pairing of something sweet with something salty, and results in surprisingly pleasing combinations. Examples include: champorado (a sweet cocoa rice porridge), being paired with tuyo ...
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