do fathers and sons masterbate together?

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Answered: Father to Son masterbation 'Talk'

I do not see anything wrong with itm my dad caught me at 13, And I am greatful,I did not know what to do to get the white stuff after a talk my Dad explained everything and told me he still did it, So being curiois I ask him to teach me, Nothing happen between us, But Dad got a woody like me and he ...

Answered: Comparison of and Conclusions on Jesus Christ's Identifications BEFORE

just saying hi bonestruture.....and ol yeddar....amen to your answers God bless dee

Answered: Is your Father always the Father in law to son's wife or is the

I don't really know of the common traditional terminology. But maybe "Grandfather in Law" is the technical term. Although she may not have any part of your family's biologic design , but your son will going to inject it through her.

Answered: Im 13 how shouls i masterbate

It depends on how big your penis is. You can use your thumb and first two fingers if your penis is not long enough to get your whole fist around. Just work up and down your penis. Keep going and it will begin to feel really good. You might feel that you have to pee but just keep going and the ...

Answered: Im a 13 male how should i masterbate

Mastebation is good to the health. Just imagine that you have seen a beautiful girl like your age dancing or touching your private parts until your penis will eric, then try to do it by your hands and fingers by touching the part of your penis which has no skin and try to move it up and down down ...

Answered: Father-Son weekend trip ideas-not camping

Try snowboarding, I took my 14yr old daughter last weekend for the very first time and she LOVED IT!!! It was only my second time ever going myself and we both took the beginners class and we both had a ball. We both learned together so there was no competition between us and no feelings of one ...
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Husband masterbates while I'm around.

Well, a revelation revealed itself about a weekend ago. What I thought was our marriage moving up a level (sexually) has to do with him watching porn and masterbating. I believed that I was opening up more sexually but under a false pretense that I thought was doing this on my own accord. After ...

My boyfriend have a 18 year old son at home . and ...

I see a future but it may not be the one you were hoping for! If the two of you live together as a couple you should have some kind of united front. Under the circumstances however, it sounds like you should stand down because evidently the bf doesn't want your input and at 18, the boy will soon ...

I want to know my bio fathers heritage. He was from ashland, me. I was

OK......................Ask him. If he is no longer alive then ask your Mom, your aunts and uncles - anyone who might know.

What is a good Father's Day gift?

If you know your Dad well, it won't be difficult for you to find a gift. It is best if you will give him a personalized item such as baseball cap, coffee mugs and even pens.