Do deer eat garden phlox?

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Answered: Deer eating flowers and garden

I heard to spray liquid garlic on the plants. Has anyone tried it? Does it work?

Answered: What counties in 1945 in wisconsin were shotgun only for deer season

It would be hard to say. Talk to the Wisconsin department of Natural Resources to know of a certainty.

Answered: Deer food i have deer that come into my yard and ...

You can feed corn, cracked or whole and ya might even use a salt or mineral block they like lettuce, beets , turnips, peas, ( whole ) experiment, they're fun to watch
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Deer and grapes

Nope !.

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Hay is a fairly good mulch. It will help to hold moisture in your garden soil, and also improve the tilth. As it breaks down, it will add some nutrients to the soil, also. A drawback to hay is that it nearly always contians a lot of seed. This will often sproout, and if a lot of it is weed seed ...

Garden fountain cannot pump water

Clogged filter or bad pump.