do cheetahs have a good sense of smell or sight?

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Answered: What would cause a person to lose their sense of smell?

Another cause not listed is damage/severed olfactory nevers commonly caused by a head injury

Answered: Sense of smell

Thank you, yaki and Yaronco.

Answered: laser sight for glock 20 w/o rails

This firearm wasn't designed for a laser sight as the trajectory of the 10X25 MM round somewhat resembles a rainbow and has limited range. However, it is effective in close quarters and is an option with most police departments. Laser targeting systems are only needed at long range, such as the ...

Answered: has anyone here ever placed an ad on sightly

I can not see what you typed Ol. :) But type it again in braile or in sign language and I'll be all over it. :) Sometimes I have a well endowed blond lady sit in my lap and do the typing for me. That's turning lemons to lemonade (or into something sweet). best to you.

Answered: I am having loud & long gas passed, no smell, very embarassing

Certain medications can cause that. Talk to your doctor.

Answered: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yes, I believe this is a occurence that is fullfilled on Earth and in Heaven, I think we fall in love at first sight daily, and God who is the Love of all Lovers, fullfills this in His Heavenly Way.
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I need to list five examples of how smell may have an effect on our

Smelling a cologne of someone that you wanted to forget could make you upset, smelling something that reminds you of someone who died could make you upset, smelling something that reminds you of a person you miss could make you really want to be with them, etc.

Remove Rubber Smell from masks

Because your nose is up it. Simply remove your nose clean it. Then, don't put your nose there anymore and your nose will smell fine again.

So many smells are nearly identical, how do we learn them apart?

New research shows a single negative experience linked to an odor rapidly teaches us to identify that odor and discriminate it from similar ones. According to the researcher who studied this, "it warns us that it's dangerous and we have to pay attention to it." Maybe we should start calling it the ...

Who can you call if you smell sewage gas in your home

Pour water in all your drains, especially floor drains. The water evaporates from the traps and lets the sewer gas in the house.