do amish circumcise their boys penises?

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Answered: Why do most of the Amish you meet not want to talk ...

They are not stereotypical, brash Americans. They have a quiet nature, as a culture. It's peaceful.

Answered: Amish

Hi, I live in Lancaster Pa. Home to the oldest old order Amish settlements in the world. The Amish here, live like they lived back in the 1800's. They wear the same type of clothing. To see some Amish dresses check out They ride in a buggy pulled by a ...

Answered: Is Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) circumcised?

1, I am not his family physician, so there is no way I could know. 2, If I were his family physician, I still would not say. 3. Why do such intimate details of celebrities matter to you?

Answered: What do Amish people sleep on?

They sleep on beds just like other people.

Answered: What do Amish toilets look like?

Actually, an Amish inventor, working for Kohher after he left the "community," developed the high pressure flush system that "power toilets" use presently. They virtually never clog, use only 1/4 as much water as conventional toilets, and last twice as long as conventonal toilets.

Answered: Circumcision for a muslim girl

You ARE kidding, right?
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