Hi friends, is it true that solar or wind energy ...

Hi friends, is it true that solar or wind energy could be the nearest alternative or avenue to save the planet and have a green world?  I f you have experienced it and believe in solution from green energy system, please notify me. Amen

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You must be very curious to ask such a question and it really worth it. We have only one planet and if misused, we will all suffer the consequencies. Go to this website to read meaningful solution and if it interest you, you may go for it.


according to the things I have read, the maximum amount of wind energy that can be generated in the  U. S. would only supply a fraction of our usage.  Since you have bought into the "global warming disaster" as the reason to go green rather than the dollar savings potential,  you can find numerous political forecasts, proposed solutions, and rebuttals to each of them.  If we could stop volcano eruptions, that would far outweigh all the silly proposals on the table.  Alternate energy is great and should be pursued but for the right reasons. If you research all the hype, you will find just as much data to support each of the positions. The old adage "Don't just stand there, do something even if it is wrong" prevails today.




I really believe that solar and/or wind energy would help save the planet, and that the cost for solar/wind energy from solar collectors and windmills can be close to cost for energy from fossil fuels if not now but in the near future maybe a year or two away. I want to believe that the solar/wind energy costs will be reduced by better cheaper materials and improved efficiency making the solar/wind systems affordable enough so that homeowners and business people will want to install solar/wind equipment on their roofs. If the cost for solar/wind energy is at least competitive with fossil fuels than their is no reason not to use solar/wind energy generation for main source of energy. The world could use solar/wind energy not just because it fights global warming, and saves the planet, but because it is cheaper than using fossil energy. Read more..

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