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My icemaker arm will swing up during freeze cycle ...

My icemaker arm will swing up during freeze cycle like it is supposed to, but doesn't drop back down. I have to push it down to get it to harvest the ice. What is wrong? Thank you

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On my fridge, the arm is moved up by the new ice cubes when the ice bucket has been filled. When the arm goes up, the water supply to the ice maker is shut off and stops making ice untill the ice level is down. The ice maker arm has a setting where at the top, or by lifting the arm up the ice making will stop. Your ice maker stops making ice cause it has been pushed to the MANUAL shut off position. And, will stay there until you push it back down to the sencing position. Your ice maker is working correctly. Or you'd have ice cubes all over the freezer. I manually push mine down when I need more ice to be made. No big deal to me. You might try bending that arm up or down to position it to the ice cube level you prefer. Maybe stick something under the ice bucket to change the ice level. Your ice making gadget is working properly. It is a CRUDE DEVICE. Don't expect perfection from a $40 option. 

It is not working correctly. It only makes one batch of ice. The bucket is empty. It worked fine before I took it out to remove the floor in the freezer section to clear the ice dam that was causing water to run into the refrigerator section. The arm should go up during freezing cycle and drop back down until the bucket is full, forcing the arm up.Mine is staying up after one load of ice is dumped

My ice maker does the same exact thing.  It makes one load and then the arm swings back up.  I can't find the answer to this anywhere.

I have the same problem Frown

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