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Has anyone out there used Divorcewriter.com to achieve their divorce? If so is it legit? Thanks....Joe

( I left this same review on epinions.com

I used divorcewriter.com to prepare my divorce papers in the state of Georgia and I highly recommend it to anyone filing an uncontested (uncomplicated) divorce. I was a little skeptical of using an online divorce site because I wasn’t sure how accurate/difficult/expensive the process would be.  But this company is completely legitimate. 

The entire cost was $149.00.  There were no hidden fees. (Note: It does not include the court fee, which is set by and paid to the court. In my county the court fee is $85.00) Using this company to prepare the forms was *much* cheaper than hiring a lawyer would've been and they guarantee the forms will be accepted by the court or they will refund your money. They are also a member of the Better Business Bureau. 

The program asks step by step questions and then uses your responses to fill in the standardized divorce forms of your county. (It’s similar to using turbo tax to prepare your taxes.) Once you complete the questionnaire, they will mail you all of your necessary paperwork and instructions. You’ll need to find a notary, sign all papers, and file them at the courthouse. Then wait for the judge to approve your divorce papers and set your court date.  From the time I completed the online questionnaire to the day I was officially divorced was a little less than a month.

I will note, however, that my divorce was very straightforward. We have no children and we had already made private agreements between each other concerning our house and debt, so we were able to skip the sections involving child/spousal support and dividing property.

If you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse are on amiable terms and would like to divorce peacefully, without spending thousands of dollars on lawyers, I definitely recommend using divorcewriter.com.  

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thank for that information. I was very scheptical  myself. I'm glad I found this out. I have a spouse that I can't contact. So I'll probably have to do "New paper" adds too..however, it's worth it..thanks again.Angel

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Along with thanks for your comments, I have a question. Re: property & debts division you stated you & your-to-be ex made,   " private agreements between each other concerning our house and debt,".  Did you find examples, ( ie- wording etc), or a template to accomplish this?  Or was it a  'wing-it' situation?  Again, thanks  for your comments    Jeff

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