Why does judge Kenneth Black, South district court ...

Why does judge Kenneth Black, South district court, Los Angeles still preside over divorce cases when he can't be fair and equal after his own bad divorce case?   He harbors resentment towards women in general, rules on cases where there is obvious bias on his part toward men. 

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This is a fair question.  One that I would love to hear since he could not see beyond the false accusations of my now ex-husband when any and all decisions were made.  He allowed declarations from the other attorney to include disparaging remarks and accusations about me that were false, and could be proven to be false, to sway his decisions regarding custody and property.  As is it, custody is 50/50, which after being a 99% of the time parent was hard to imagine.  Property was split very disproportionately.  The ex had previously taken all family photos, valuables and bank accounts in the weeks before filing for divorce on his attorneys recommendation.  Therefore he claimed little valuables or photos existed, and accused me of taking it all.  I had the physical proof, with photo ID of bank withdrawals of large sums of money. 

Judge Black gave my attorney and I 10 minutes to write down items I wanted from the home.  Having done that, the other attorney refused the list, which included very little.  Of the items I did put on the list, I received so little it fit into 2 small boxes, which were broken or incomplete, which Judge Black told my attorney, those are garage sale items now.  I started a new life with nothing.

All in all, the other attorney, knowing Judge Blacks past, purposely made false comments within earshot of the judge that I had had an affair, tried accusing me of child abuse, drug abuse and mental health issues.  My attorney said that this is a common tactic in a case where the attacked parent has no ghosts in their closet, except those made up by the other party.  How else to you even the playing field when one parent does all the parenting?

I have always held very respectable jobs, made sure that our kids stayed out of trouble and made school a priority.  I allowed them opportunities to participate in sports, music, travel and taught them responsibility.  These are things Judge Black did not allow for when making his judgements.  I won't speak badly about my childrens father as he has done to me because there is never an excuse to do that.

All I ever asked of Judge Black is that he look at ALL the facts, divide property 50/50 as stated in the states laws and issue a warning about dragging the other parent through the sewer to gain points.  This never happened. It continues to this day. 

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