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Dissolvable sutures not dissolving

I had a colectomy done 3 months ago, I had internal (dissolvable) and external sutures on the incision from my upper public area to just above my bellybotton. The external sutures were removed upon my discharge on the 14th day. All but one internal suture dissoved. There is a very painful suture still in the utmost top of the incision area. It feels like an actual staple in shape and feeling. I have to keep a piece of tape over the area to keep the suture from protruding outward in my skin. This area is extremely painful w/o the tape. During my checkup 1.5 months ago, the Dr. said, "It's still healing." I believe that a metal staple was left in there. I have another appt. in 2 days and will insist that something be done about this. Any thoughts or comments are sincerely welcome.

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I had a tummy tuck 13 months ago. I have an internal suture that never dissolved and has become very painful over the last month. My suture is just above my pubic bone. I also must wear tape to be comfortable. Gauze w/ tape has allowed me to wear jeans without being in severe pain. Jeans are probably painful  because of the friction. My surgeon said that it is common for a suture to not dissolve. People who are thin, like myself are the ones that most likely will have pain because it is right at the skin's surface. My only option, which may be yours too is to have it surgically removed. I have to wait til June 10th. But, I guess thats better than never! I hope yours dissolves quickly on its own. You're not alone. This is awful!! Good luck

I actually just visited my surgeon who performed a tummy tuck 15 months ago.  I have had this little ball, sort of like a second belly button below my belly button, which has just been annoying to me and looks strange to have two bellybuttons.  It causes a bit of discomfort, but nothing major.  I'm going to have it surgically removed also.  How did your surgery go? 


I have the same thing, my surgery was almost one year ago, and just recently i developed a little ball below my belly button, it feels like a marble.  Went to the Dr. today and he said it is probably a stitch that has developed scar tissue, and will probably have to have it removed.  Was just wondering what you were told it was?

Did you have your suture removed yet?  I am nearly 3 months post-op from my c-section and 1 of my sutures pokes me and has never dissolved.  I swear it feels like a metal one was left inside me.  My OBGYN told me that thin people can easily feel them.  Mine is so close to the surface of my skin that I am finding jeans or any clothes with a fitted waistband to be cumbersome.  Not to mention that holding my 3 yr old can also cause the suture to poke me.  I was just curious to see what your outcome was since you still have it from 13 months ago.  I am afraid I will be the same.  

I had keyhole surgery to remove my gall bladder 14 years ago. I took ill on holiday last week and when I was excamined by the ship,s doctor he found undissolved stitches in my naval. Considering they were supposed to dissolve I now know why I have been hving so much trouble all thesee years. I have an appointment on Thursday to see the surgeon. 

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