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When does AOL communicate anything helpfull about ICQmail-accounts?

Stil no access, AOL seems to have just closed down all the ICQ-mailadresses. Why on earth wasn't there any notification, I still expect this to be a mistake. HELP I can't do ...
  Posted 1 day ago .


Where can we find software which can create latest templates?

I am looking for a poster templates like cow boy, old west wanted and many more different templates. Nowadays, we can see this posters on Facebook can anyone suggest me a ...
  Posted 1 year ago .


Shutting AOL message sounds

how can I shut off the sound for the welcome, you've got mail, goodbye messages etc?
  Posted 8 hours ago .


How to recover lost htc phone contacts?

My friend deleted all of his htc phone contacts yesterday, how to recover lost htc phone contacts?
  Posted 8 days ago .


Shopping online

Tips for secure online shopping
  Posted 2 years ago .