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Are vitamins and supplements really important? I ...

Are vitamins and supplements really important? I feel very healthy, and I am not a good pill taker. I am always forgetting. Besides eating vegetables what other ways would I be able to get the vitamins without having to take the vitamins.

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In most cases, supplements are a waste of money.  Unless you are eating an extremely unbalanced diet or you have a specific medical condition that depletes your vitamin intake, you probably do not need to take pills.  The supplement industry has been fooling people for decades, promising that their pills are going to make us stronger, younger and prevent diseases.  There's very little scientific evidence to support any of those claims.

Just eat your fruits & veggies, make sure to include some grains in your diet and enjoy a variety of protein and you'll do just as well as the pill-poppers.

I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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