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Why is there so much discord over Rocmike3? Two very angry people have been calling everyone on AOL Answers Rocmike3, in the most hateful manner possibhle, as though his name were the same as that ...

Stop whining, bottom feeder, we all know what is going on with you and your myriad avatars.

" Reality is that which exists outside of your beliefs. "
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MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Are all atheists so unintelligent that they can only resort to personal insult instead of fact?  Oh well, we can only expect so much from atheists.  Why is that never surprising?


rocmike this is the 4th alias you posted under in the last couple hours. little tip. every time you bring out a new alias you stop posting under the previous one. that makes it look even more obvious than you repeating the same crap over and over. you should continue to post under the previous one when you bring a new one out.

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