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Disadvantages of working from home.

I believe that there are many benefits to be gained in working from home. Are there also disadvantages to this type of work. Can you give some disadvantages?

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Not having peers to learn from, not having a support system when you are sick for another person to "fill in" for you, not having the socialization a person gets when working in a larger environment, household interruptions, etc.



"LEARNING is fundamental!" God, Self, Country...in that order. VISION, Change and Education=PROGRESS

The fact that you are your own boos but not really kind oh drives you insane sometimes, and the fact that there is no one there to see you so you can sit all day in your pajamas is nice at first but then... ooohhh... :) IN general you are suppose to keep it together against the odds- as you are becoming a very social person online but not really in reality :)

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The biggest disadvantage I find is because your at home friends or family think your free all day to run errands or socialise. They seem to forget that your actualy working and have a schedule to keep to.

Another one can be doing everything by yourself and forgetting to mastermind with others for help which is an easy trap to fall into.

But on the whole working for myself from home is way better than any job I have ever had. As an old mentor of mine once said "I would take the worst day in my home business any time over the best day in a job."

Think bigger than your current situation

The only disadvantage workin' at home is when you're not makin' money.Its only good if you work in your sparetime,like in weekend or when you return form office.If you're interested in maki' money in your sparetime


According to me one big dis-advantage is that, you are not having interaction with the people out there. As what I feel is we got to learn a lot by meeting different people's and knowing their veiws.

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The disadvantages of working from home. However, you should always look at the other side of the coin before making your decision. Below you can find the disadvantages of working from home. Read below and decide which one is better for you. http://www.infectatious.co.nz/workfromhome.aspx

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