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Disadvantages of Multifunction Printers?

We all know that multifunction or all-in-one printers are a winner in terms of space, multipurpose features, and portability. But what could be the disadvantages, in general, of this type of printer? 

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Originally, these units were larger than those of today. In addition, one of the functions had a tendency to breakdown leaving only the other two to be workabe. Today they are smaller, faster and almost never have one of its function fail. I have mine for three years; it still works and I have one workable unit instaed of three that would take up a lot of room.

Disadvantage - If it breaks then you lose many functions at once.

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I got a great lease rate for my copier printer scanner and I haven't had a problem yet! Maintenance and warranty was covered by the leasing company so if anything does happen we won't have to pay much to get the printer back.

Multifunction printers disadvantage is if one component breaks down, when you bring it for repairs, you lose all components brother drum

The extra capabilities of newer model printers will not adversely affect the quality of your print.  I have an HP 6600 and have found it ample for most needs.

Transparencies for use in class may not be utterly clear but they will print.

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