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How much does vocal cord polyp removal surgery cost?

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Hi there..first, I've got to say that I currently live in S. Korea (where it's also a lot cheaper for treatment than the U.S. and I'd suppose the West in general). I was notified that I have a decent sized polyp on my right vocal cord.  I was told that I'd need a 'high speed video system' test (approx. $350) to see if I'd need surgery.  I was told--in a limited reference--that there are two surgeries.  I don't know the specifics of them but one costs approximately $1000 and the other $2000 (exchange rates are pretty wild now).  But these are prices in S. Korea.  The clinic I'm going to actually specializes in 'vacation treatments' (get treated and have a little vacation for the price of Western treatment...as the new globalized medical system goes).  The doc did a lot of his education in America so I'd suppose it's similar standards...and the office seems top-notch (classy office, high-quality equipment, pro. staff, etc.).  Well, yeah that's a lot of extra info..but it never hurts...hope this helps

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