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What is the difference between R12, R22, R134a ...

What is the difference between R12, R22, R134a, R410a freon.?What makes them incompatible?

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You raised a very important point.  Freon is not a name of a specific material (gas) but to a family of materials.  Freon is another name of Hydro-Fluoro-Chloro-Carbons.....  In simple words: It is an organic chain that has in it, in specific places, radicals of: Fluor (F), Chlore (Cl) and Hydrogen (H).  That family (or "goup" of materials) are different types of specific materials (chemical composition, 1-1-3 Freon etc.):  R-12 (known as "the Old Freon") was in frequent use in cars airconditioning systems was greatly replaced by the R-134a (known as "the new Freon") or by the R-22 (HCFC).  And there is a list of other types of Freon as well (R406a [autofrost], R142b, etc).  Some of them are believed to attack the "Ozone" and were banned and some are more friendly.  If you need more information / explanations contact me. 
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Thanks for that info. What I'm really wanting to know is what is the difference chemically and can for instance R22 be substituted for R134a in a refrigerator? I've converted quite a few cars/trucks from R12 to R134a. I know you can't mix different freons, I really just don't know why you can't substitute certain ones for others. For instance, Ihave a small refrigerator that uses R134a. It got a leak and I repaired it. I have a 30lb bottle of R22 which is what a lot of refers use and I am wondering if I can use the R22 instead of the R134a which is usually used in the automotive industry. It took me a long time to say that didn't it. Thanks, Steve


   thank you i have  question is i have a system working with R12 what is the problems if  i change the freon by r134a please help me

one refrigerant is used for car only and one refrigerant is used for air conditioner only.


A refrigerant cannot just be replaced by others because of their heat carrying capacities, which would result in undesirable cooling of the system.

Also note that each refrigerant has different co-efficient of expansion. What this does is, if a compressor is fed with a refrigerant it is not designed for, the compressor just blow off!!!!!!!



In theory you can't simply use R-134a as a drop in replacement for R-12...but I've known of people doing it. One lady I know of bought a 1979 Buick that was in good shape, but the A/C didn't work. She put in some R-134a, and it worked. In fact it worked fine the entire 5 years she owned the car.  That's not the official by the book way to do things, and that was her experience, others may vary. 

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